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Standing Desks - Queenie - 11-18-2015

Do any of you have a standing desk? If so, which one and why? Do you have any that you would recommend?

If you don't have one, why not?

I'm thinking about getting one for home and work.They seem to begin at around $300 which is ridiculous for just a few bits of wood / plastic. I reckon I could easily make one, it's just whether I want an adjustable one or not.

RE: Standing Desks - Mason - 11-18-2015

I wouldn't mind giving a standing desk a try myself. Especially now that I've been having more exercise lately.

RE: Standing Desks - Grungie - 11-18-2015

What exactly is a standing desk?

RE: Standing Desks - Queenie - 11-18-2015

A desk that you stand at rather than using a chair. Really good for posture and better for your body than sitting down for an extended period of time

RE: Standing Desks - Grungie - 11-18-2015

I do too much exercise. I'll just be lazy instead

RE: Standing Desks - Daevangelion - 11-23-2015

I tried one out for a while, I found the appeal wore off quickly. I would like a desk that could be both honestly. One that had hydraulics or similar. So that I could switch between the two.

RE: Standing Desks - Queenie - 11-26-2015

You can get ones with adjustable heights

RE: Standing Desks - Daevangelion - 11-27-2015

yeah I know, that was what I was heading at. Still by and large expensive as hell though.

RE: Standing Desks - Queenie - 11-27-2015

The price is pretty outrageous. Maybe I should ask my dad nicely to build me one :v

RE: Standing Desks - Sprink - 01-24-2016

I would consider one if they weren't so expensive, since I feel like they'd help me out a lot.